Shades of Depression: Dealing with Loss

  Yesterday was one of the hardest days of the year for me. It has now been 15 years since my little angel passed away and I can honestly say; time does not elude the hearts yearn to be with the one you love. Like clockwork, old distant memories take center stage bringing tears with... Continue Reading →


Perspectives Change

  This evening I was chatting with my husband about a situation which occurred a few years back between two dear friends of ours. We found it ironic how the same situation has come full circle again for one of them. One had taken that hard lesson learned and opted to get sober and leave the... Continue Reading →

Ol’ St. Hallow’s

Curling thickets, Baneful claws, Hellish grips of life's chaos, Chocking hazards, Toxic fumes, Decaying hope through a fiddler's tune, Stomping grounds, Tremulous roars, Glorifying growls at the devils door, Erie cast, Darkest howls, Bellowing drums of ol St. Hollows Eve... Trickery whispers, Idolatrous allure, Cognac infususions of mummified stirs, Digging thrust, Bewildered curse, Searing affliction... Continue Reading →

Feign Solace

  Feign Solace Mirror mirror on the wall, I hate what I see, Lies... Lies is all you reflect, You with your scornful pout of creasing foredoom ... Scoff!! At the melodic lies of superficial truths. Scoff!! At the streamlined linen suit. Taping those glaring oxford shoes, Tap~p~ity Tap! TAP! TAP!!! Rap~p_ity Rap!RAP!RAP!!! Swinging, swaying those young'ins hearts. Empty promises... Continue Reading →

Conceptual Desire 

Conceptual Desire Whispering haze... Transfixed in your gaze, The soul ignites to a transferring blaze...  Succulent solacity... Pouty lips proclivity, The drumming heart sighs with beautific voracity...

What If?

      What If    What if I was to run down towards the sunset... Where would I be? Maybe the sunny sands of a hidden beach, Soaking in the blues and pinks, crinkling my toes, watching the waves, feeling the urge just to go go go ...   What if I was to run... Continue Reading →

Learning to Smile

In the past, I have touched base on various moments of residual hurts I've experienced over the years. Though they've impacted me in different ways, I've grown to appreciate them as they've shaped my perspectives as the adult I am today. As I sit here and reflect, I cannot help but smile. The journey to my... Continue Reading →

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