This site is designed to embrace the many changes life throws our way. There are moments when we successfully endure tough times with the right mind set and there are others when we fail miserably. I’m hoping to not only express new ways to embrace life but hear from others to gain new perspectives to handle situations. Learning is a life long journey.


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    1. I’m here…just been dealing with alot these days…I will visit you soon…I haven’t posted much either but I do plan too soon…

      1. At the risk of sounding stalkery (like celerey!), I just wanted to let you know that thought about you quite a bit yesterday. I wondered how you were. I wanted to drop in but I also didn’t want to disturb you.

        You’re in my thoughts and prayers, always. Have a wonderful week. 💖

      2. Your very sweet…thank you… you can drop by when ever you want…it’s always a pleasure e

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